Pirongia Bacon

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Pirongia Pure Bacon is a traditionally cured bacon with a true New Zealand flavour, often described as reminiscent of how bacon used to taste. Succulent and smokey with a hint of salted caramel and manuka, this quality bacon won’t shrink when cooked due the hot smoking process used to prepare the meat. Thicker slices, full flavour and consistent lean texture make this bacon a fantastic choice for foodies who value a high quality product with no added sugars. In designing the logo, we looked at vintage labelling for inspiration. The Pirongia mountainscape was retained from the original logo but redrawn with a distressed stamp effect to add character to the brand. Traditional fonts were selected to further communicate the bacon’s traditional aspects and a distinctly Kiwi koru design was encapsulated in the P. The brands colour palette was also retained for shelf recognition.