Park Hotel

Brand collateral for a new Wellington Hotel

When you’re located in the ‘Coolest Little Capital in the World‘ there’s plenty of inspiration to draw on and that’s exactly what we did when developing Park Hotel’s brand strategy.
Locally owned and operated, Park Hotel is not your typical chain hotel experience. Recognising this, we built on the local connections the hotel had to create a truly Wellingtonian brand. The central concept developed was “bringing the outdoors in – celebrating Wellington.” This theme was carried through in a multitude of ways – from incorporating custom city-scene artworks captured directly outside the hotel doors, to stocking the minibars with local cult-status products; we wanted to ensure guest experiences would showcase the very best of Wellington.
The branding design combined old and new; mixing heritage elements such as retro-Spanish style fonts (inspired by namesake, Midland Park’s, history), vintage photography and a black and white palette with contemporary layouts.