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The Web Design Brief

Taylor Preston are a modern meat export processing plant in Wellington, New Zealand. Synonomous with quality meats and excellent customer service they required a new responsive website to advertise their products and services, and provide regular updates to their customers.

The Strategy

After planning and consultation with Taylor Preston it was clear we needed a site that could grow with the company and be easily updated. For this reason a clean website design was selected. The design is highlighted with Taylor Preston’s brand colours and bright New Zealand photography.

A number of different photoshoots were overseen and organised by Eloquence World Design at various location throughout the North Island and at Taylor Preston’s processing plant. The photos were taken by Brett Stanley Photography, providing Taylor Preston with a library of images they could use not only within the site but also future advertising and marketing promotions.

The website was coded with the help of the team at Plastic Studio using Silverstripe as the framework.

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6 common mistakes of small business websites

As a small business your website is arguably the most crucial element of your marketing. Simple mistakes in a website’s design can turn away valuable new customers.

While it’s important to make your website easy to find online, you also want to ensure you’re meeting your audience’s needs and giving them the information they want once they arrive. A website can be very expensive to build upfront, so it needs to work.

Here are 6 of the most common problems I’ve found with small business websites along with some practical tips for addressing them.

1. Overlooking your target audience

Rule number 1 of any successful business is to know your audience. If your website is going to have any level of success it needs to be designed with your customer in mind. Your business might have multiple audiences; but being too broad, and saying that your product is for everyone, will weaken your message. By profiling certain types of customer you can better address the benefits of your product or service that they’re looking for.

If your website isn’t targeting specific kinds of people then you might want to rethink it’s content and design.

For example: the website of a dentist might have a target audience of mother’s in their 30’s or 40′s who are looking for a dentist for their family. That’s a very specific framework to work within and it allows you to identify the benefits of your service that are relevant to that kind of person.


website user profile

2. Having a poor design

Having a badly designed website is actually more serious than something just not looking pretty. Websites that provide a poor user experience are actually downranked by Google. So you could could be losing valuable placings and therefore potential revenue from a poorly designed website.

A big concern is using clichéd stock images on websites. These types of stock images can actually be very damaging to use because they are widely used on spam sites; to the point where they can actually significantly reduce the level of trust a customer puts in your site and therefore your business.

If you do use stock images try to be selective about the choices you make and avoid the clichés, or hire a professional photographer to take custom images for you.

3. No call to action

Every successful piece of marketing needs a call to action. What is the single most important thing you want a user to do when they visit your website? Do you want them to book an appointment? Buy a product? Contact you? Or subscribe to your newsletter? If you don’t have a call to action, you need one and whatever it is it needs to be clear, and immediate, and on every page of your site.

Call to action

4. Thinking a website is complete and not updating it regularly

Websites are never complete. They are always a work in progress. You should constantly be making changes and small upgrades to improve your site and add new content. In fact if you don’t regularly make changes to your site your Google ranking will drop. Google and other search engine robots believe your site is deserted if nothing has been edited for a long time.

Adding sections to your site that you can regularly add new pages to is really important. It’s the single best way to boost search results. These sections might include a blog, latest news, before & after photos, or case studies. These sections allow you to add new content easily and build up your keywords. Meaning your website gets more hits.

5. Not including keywords in your web content

Having well written content is important, what’s also important is to identify and use keywords in that content so that search engines will pick up your site.

Here’s a tip:

Write down 5 words or phrases you think people will type into Google when searching for a business in your industry. Imagine they don’t know you, and have never needed your service before. What might they type into Google to find you?

Then read the content on your website and count how many times those exact words and phrases appear.

If your keywords appear less than 10 times in your site you have a serious problem that you should address immediately. Fix the problem by rewriting your content to include your keywords more often – but remember it still needs to make sense to your audience.

6. Not having a mobile friendly website


responsive web design

72% of New Zealanders now have smartphones. This means that there are actually more people surfing the web on their phones than on desktop computers. If a smart phone user visits your website and it isn’t optimised for mobile they will most likely leave and go to your competitor.

A mobile optimized website can result in 67% higher conversion rates. And when you consider that more than 25% of New Zealanders have at one time made a purchase or booking from their smartphone that’s a lot of potential revenue you could be throwing away by not having a mobile optimised site.

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TCB Dentures

tcb-dentures-logo-designDesign Brief


TCB Dental Lab are one of the most successful denture clinics in New Zealand. After 19 years in business, the owners, Tom and Amanda, decided it was time to modernize their business’ image and start building an online presence.

Initially they contacted Eloquence World Design to design a website which would be easy to update, allow their patients to book appointments online and be optimized for all devices, including mobile and tablets. After a few discussions with the client it was decided to refresh all marketing and brand touchpoints at the same time, including designing a new logo.

Design strategy


The design strategy was to showcase the business as friendly, modern and gentle, whilst staying true to the brand values that they had built over 19 years. In discussions with the client the name was updated from TCB Dental Labs, which was a little sterile and vague, to TCB Dentures, which is friendlier and more specific to their service offering.

Three logo designs were developed and mockups showing how the logos would be used across the brand were presented to the client. The final brand that was selected had a soft, relaxing colour palette and the logo design has subtle references to Mount Taranaki and dentistry.

The website was built using an Off-the-Shelf Web Design package and customized to the needs of the business and the new brand aesthetic. Along with the visuals, Eloquence World Design worked alongside the client to develop content for the site to improve SEO results. Visit the TCB Dentures website here





Specific design tasks included:


  • Brand renaming
  • Logo design
  • Website design (responsive WordPress site)
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Appointment cards
  • Information sheets
  • Newspaper/magazine advertisements
  • DL rack cards
  • Building signage for interior and exterior

The Outcome


Within weeks of the new website launching TCB Dentures went from having no web presence at all to being ranked second on Google for their key search phrase. Their new print advertisements have been successful in bringing in new business and existing customers have loved the new look and feel of the business.

“After 19 years in business we decided that it was time to improve and modernise our image. Jen from Eloquence World Design was great to work with, she is very intuitive and was able to understand our philosophy and translate that into a total rebranding, from stationery to signage, promotional material to website. This has been an extremely successful and enjoyable process. We have seen increased consumer confidence and sales. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend Eloquence World Design to any potential clients.”

- Tom & Amanda, Owners, TCB Dentures

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Bryony Williams Soprano


The Design Brief

Bryony Williams is one of New Zealand’s most promising emerging sopranos. Currently studying at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, she contacted Eloquence to help launch her opera career by designing her a new website.

The Strategy

Bryony’s opulent sense of style and the lavish design of international opera houses became the inspiration for the design. We then set out to create a simple but rich colour palette to give Bryony’s brand identity an understated classical elegance.

After establishing Bryony’s goals we decided it was necessary to do a professional photoshoot to provide her with a range of images she could use not only for the site but for future marketing. Brett Stanley, a Wellington photographer (now based in LA) was contacted to come onboard for the shoot. His dramatic style was perfect for the ornate, theatre-inspired look we wanted to achieve.

The Outcome

Bryony’s sophisticated website establishes her as professional opera singer. The site has created a platform for her to showcase her many successes and push forward her career. Her new brand puts her theatrical personality front-and-centre while the opulent design displays her passion for the heritage and artistry of opera. A young emerging artist, Bryony continues to build on her successes by winning international awards, regularly performing in the UK and she is receiving growing media attention.

“From the very beginning Jen dedicated 100% of her time and energy to create a website for me that far exceeded my expectations. She was present in every aspect of the process, including the dress fitting and location photo shoot, and kept me completely involved and informed. Jen’s knowledge and visionary talent resulted in a professional website that couples functionality with artistic flair. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants a website that stands out from the rest.”

- Bryony Williams

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