TCB Dentures

tcb-dentures-logo-designDesign Brief


TCB Dental Lab are one of the most successful denture clinics in New Zealand. After 19 years in business, the owners, Tom and Amanda, decided it was time to modernize their business’ image and start building an online presence.

Initially they contacted Eloquence World Design to design a website which would be easy to update, allow their patients to book appointments online and be optimized for all devices, including mobile and tablets. After a few discussions with the client it was decided to refresh all marketing and brand touchpoints at the same time, including designing a new logo.

Design strategy


The design strategy was to showcase the business as friendly, modern and gentle, whilst staying true to the brand values that they had built over 19 years. In discussions with the client the name was updated from TCB Dental Labs, which was a little sterile and vague, to TCB Dentures, which is friendlier and more specific to their service offering.

Three logo designs were developed and mockups showing how the logos would be used across the brand were presented to the client. The final brand that was selected had a soft, relaxing colour palette and the logo design has subtle references to Mount Taranaki and dentistry.

The website was built using an Off-the-Shelf Web Design package and customized to the needs of the business and the new brand aesthetic. Along with the visuals, Eloquence World Design worked alongside the client to develop content for the site to improve SEO results. Visit the TCB Dentures website here





Specific design tasks included:


  • Brand renaming
  • Logo design
  • Website design (responsive WordPress site)
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Appointment cards
  • Information sheets
  • Newspaper/magazine advertisements
  • DL rack cards
  • Building signage for interior and exterior

The Outcome


Within weeks of the new website launching TCB Dentures went from having no web presence at all to being ranked second on Google for their key search phrase. Their new print advertisements have been successful in bringing in new business and existing customers have loved the new look and feel of the business.

“After 19 years in business we decided that it was time to improve and modernise our image. Jen from Eloquence World Design was great to work with, she is very intuitive and was able to understand our philosophy and translate that into a total rebranding, from stationery to signage, promotional material to website. This has been an extremely successful and enjoyable process. We have seen increased consumer confidence and sales. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend Eloquence World Design to any potential clients.”

- Tom & Amanda, Owners, TCB Dentures

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Helen Forster Bridal

Helen Forster A4 Logo

Design Brief

Helen Forster has been touted as the ‘Empress of Wedding Gowns.” After operating  in Wellington for almost 5 years Helen decided she needed to relaunch her brand in order to really make her mark in the world of wedding fashionistas. The overall task at hand —  to bring a fresh sense of professionalism to her blossoming business.

The challenge included developing a new logo and brand identity design, bridal boutique signage and styling, business card designs, and custom invitations for a fabulous launch party!

The Strategy

When I met with Helen to discuss her business it was clear Helen had a passion for intricate details, luxurious fabrics and classic aesthetics. After chatting over a glass of bubbly we thought it would be fitting to centre the new logo design around a lace-style motif that would show her brand to be timeless, feminine and glamorous; and evoke a feeling of ‘couture’ in her brides.

The colour palette and print materials used in the brand design are soft in appearance and very tactile to create a sense of romance. The fine, filigree-style, embellishment of the logo compliments the traditional typefaces used in the wordmark while adding a sense of luxury to the brand.


The Outcome

The end result is a deliciously romantic and ultra-feminine brand. Helen’s relaunch included a change of premises to a beautiful new inner-city studio on Level 2 of the Mibar building, 85 Victoria Street. As well as the unveiling of her new logo, branding and signage; complete with a spectacular launch party to celebrate!

She officially revealed her new logo at The Wellington Wedding Show and won ‘Best Fashion Stand’ for her efforts (as voted by the public). Johanna Osborne, writer of The Wellington Wedding Show blog says Helen Forster’s new boutique is ”just totally awesome… and most certainly evokes the romance and excitement so fondly associated with weddings. I felt like a little girl in a dress up boutique, there’s just nothing better.”

“I love love LOVE the logo and brand design. It is everything I wanted but couldn’t quite explain. It looks so clean yet elegant and expensive. So perfect for my brand going forward. Thank you so so much for all your amazing help Jen. You’ve made my brand so glam, I love it!! ”

- Helen Forster

Helen Forster Business Card 2helen-forster-bridal-launchhelen-forster-launch-partyhelen-forster-cocktails

Event photos by Jess O’Brien Photographer
Helen Forster Bridal biscuits by Decorada
Vinyl window stickers and signage installed by SignPlus

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Taylored Foods


The Design Brief

Taylored Foods came to us with the challenge of designing a brand identity for their meat export company. They wanted to kick start the project with a logo, stationery suite, building signage and a brand tagline which would define them as a leader in the food exports industry.

The Strategy

Currently Taylored Foods are the only New Zealand meat exporters producing bespoke cooked products for their customers so we needed to establish them as industry leaders. The tagline “A Taste for Innovation” was developed to express an ethos of technical competency and establish Taylored Foods as pioneers in their market.

For design inspiration we looked to Swiss brands like Victorinox, Omega, and Tag Heuer all known for their precision manufacturing. The brand needed to express bespoke craftsmanship but in a modern, sophisticated way — and it needed to feel high-end. A simple custom-made monogram with a strong silver and black colour palette was decided to be the right approach. Burnt orange was introduced to add depth to the palette and allow for future brand expansion into the consumer market.

Visit the Taylored Foods website


Four tips for designing a better brand

“I need a logo” is a common request from entrepreneurs eager to start-up their next venture; but what they should really be saying is “I need a brand design.”

Designing a logo is just the tip of the iceberg. It serves as the first recognition point for your business and is a tool used to quickly communicate and represent your brand to your audience, however it’s always part of a bigger picture. A brand takes everything into account — it encompasses your logo, font choices, colours, packaging, website, interior design, market positioning, messaging and voice of your business… in fact it is every interaction that identifies and differentiates your business from your competitors.

1. Strategy

Effective brand design relies on a great creative brief to keep everyone focused. A Key ingredient of any creative brief is the unique selling proposition (USP). In other words what makes your brand different? What are you promising to your customers that other brands aren’t? Then communicate it in one sentence.

Once you have your USP set a framework for your audience, competitors, price point, time frames, budgets, objectives and indicate who will be involved in the final decision process.

2. Personality

Before you can tell your brand’s story through design you need to know what it is. Everyone has a story behind why they start a new venture. What is the driving force for you? Do you want to help people; make a better product; or fill a gap in the market? Then ask “who is my audience”. Who are you talking to and what kind of person are they. A brand with personality can communicate their message in a way that resonates with the customers they’re wanting to target. Brand personality can be expressed through the language you use in your advertising and products, but it can also be demonstrated through subtle design choices.

3. Colour

Colour can be one of the most powerful tools in branding when used in the right way. For example: what colour is Cadbury, Facebook, or Coke? These brands use color so effectively that you just have to catch a glimpse and you immediately recognise them. Choosing the right colours can have dramatic results on the success or failure of your brand.

Research reveals people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. (Source: CCICOLOR – Institute for Color Research.)

When choosing the right colour for your brand think about the emotions you want your brand to represent, cultural factors, current trends and the market you’re in.

4. Consistency

When it comes to brand design, consistency is key! Make sure that each of the brand components (typography, colour, tone of voice, photography, layout) are unified under a consistent concept and visual style. Carefully consider how the brand is presented beyond the logo.

Why is developing a brand important?

It is often said you will be judged in the first ten seconds of meeting someone. For a product or a brand that time can be reduced to just 3 seconds. Making a good first impression is crucial.

Even low-budget branding can be achieved to a high level if you communicate your needs to your designer. As your business grows you can build on this to continue your brand’s story.

Brand identity is an investment. It’s a cohesive design strategy that when combined with a great product or service will make you stand out from the crowd, and pay off year after year.

If you’re wanting to create a professional & cohesive brand identity for your business we can help.

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