Boulcott St Bistro

As one of Wellington’s oldest independent culinary establishments, Boulcott Street Bistro is an icon. Located in the charming inner-city gothic cottage of Plimmer House — once the family home of John Plimmer, Wellington’s commercial and hospitality pioneer — the landmark continues a legacy of providing warm hospitality.

The process of updating the Bistro’s menus and branding was about paying homage to their well-known and beloved past, but also offer a cleaner, more sophisticated nod to its future. It needed to be distinct, but in an understated way. Friendly but refined, approachable but elegant. It needed to look old and new at the same time.

A simple colour palette of black, white and copper was introduced to replace the dated palette of forrest green and butter yellow. Black and white was selected for economical in-house printing of the menus and wine list; and copper details were added on the business cards, gift tags and gift cards — taking direct influence from the large copper bar and saucepans in the kitchen pass.

A set of icons were developed for the menus and wine list to bring a friendly and distinct character across the brand, and break up the extensive selection.

The Plimmer house icon, now a secondary logo of sorts, was created for the 20th anniversary in 2011 and has been continued throughout the branding since.

The result

“Working with Jen from Eloquence has added a new dimension to our marketing and branding. Jen opened our eyes to a different world. Eloquence delivers on time, on budget, with a level of professionalism that makes working with Jen an absolute pleasure”

- John Lawrence, Owner, Boulcott Street Bistro

Boulcott-logo-&-fonts 01_Rex at Server 03_Bar Boulcott-oyster-hours Boulcott-voucher Boulcott-gift Boulcott-menu Boulcott-business-cards