Taylored Foods


The Design Brief

Taylored Foods came to us with the challenge of designing a brand identity for their meat export company. They wanted to kick start the project with a logo, stationery suite, building signage and a brand tagline which would define them as a leader in the food exports industry.

The Strategy

Currently Taylored Foods are the only New Zealand meat exporters producing bespoke cooked products for their customers so we needed to establish them as industry leaders. The tagline “A Taste for Innovation” was developed to express an ethos of technical competency and establish Taylored Foods as pioneers in their market.

For design inspiration we looked to Swiss brands like Victorinox, Omega, and Tag Heuer all known for their precision manufacturing. The brand needed to express bespoke craftsmanship but in a modern, sophisticated way — and it needed to feel high-end. A simple custom-made monogram with a strong silver and black colour palette was decided to be the right approach. Burnt orange was introduced to add depth to the palette and allow for future brand expansion into the consumer market.

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Bryony Williams Soprano


The Design Brief

Bryony Williams is one of New Zealand’s most promising emerging sopranos. Currently studying at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, she contacted Eloquence to help launch her opera career by designing her a new website.

The Strategy

Bryony’s opulent sense of style and the lavish design of international opera houses became the inspiration for the design. We then set out to create a simple but rich colour palette to give Bryony’s brand identity an understated classical elegance.

After establishing Bryony’s goals we decided it was necessary to do a professional photoshoot to provide her with a range of images she could use not only for the site but for future marketing. Brett Stanley, a Wellington photographer (now based in LA) was contacted to come onboard for the shoot. His dramatic style was perfect for the ornate, theatre-inspired look we wanted to achieve.

The Outcome

Bryony’s sophisticated website establishes her as professional opera singer. The site has created a platform for her to showcase her many successes and push forward her career. Her new brand puts her theatrical personality front-and-centre while the opulent design displays her passion for the heritage and artistry of opera. A young emerging artist, Bryony continues to build on her successes by winning international awards, regularly performing in the UK and she is receiving growing media attention.

“From the very beginning Jen dedicated 100% of her time and energy to create a website for me that far exceeded my expectations. She was present in every aspect of the process, including the dress fitting and location photo shoot, and kept me completely involved and informed. Jen’s knowledge and visionary talent resulted in a professional website that couples functionality with artistic flair. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants a website that stands out from the rest.”

- Bryony Williams

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